Showcase Gallery at Rocca Sorrentina “Chinoiserie”

A new exhibit at the Showcase Gallery, Rocca Sorrentina.  All are welcome to come and see examples of how Asian cultures influenced the design aesthetic of the European courts of the 17th and 18th centuries.   Step inside the Showcase Gallery and enjoy the feeling of the exhibit and capture the exoticism of the Far East. … Continue reading Showcase Gallery at Rocca Sorrentina “Chinoiserie”

Un Piccolo Studio at Rocca Sorrentina “Pioniere”

Our interactive artist studio is pleased to present a new exhibit titled "Pioniere" meaning pioneer in Italian. The Welsh artist, Richard Wilson (1714-1782), is the featured artist of our new show. Wilson was known as a pioneer of the British landscape artists. Spending time in both Britain and Italy, Wilson's gorgeous works of art offer … Continue reading Un Piccolo Studio at Rocca Sorrentina “Pioniere”


“Part of doing something is listening. We are listening. To the sun. To the stars. To the wind.” ― Madeleine L'Engle, Swiftly Tilting Planet Happy Wednesday everyone 🙂 A large part of my Second Life® involves photography.  I've done many landscapes but hope to do more portraits and poses.  For this particular shot, I thought the … Continue reading Listening

Little did he know …..

Hiya Harper, I remember this! And it’s making me smile as we speak LOL.

Check out Harper Ganesvoort’s blog Around the Grid for this funny moment in SL “You Sleep, You Lose!” with the three of us ladies surrounding a gentleman who’s afk.

All the credit for this post goes to Harper Ganesvoort for this blast from the past from March 2013 😀

Around the Grid

Missing Out On Magnificence blog

I was wandering around the new Misali region for a short time today, and ran into two other lovely Residents, Lady Leena Fandango and Sophia Trefusis.  We started exploring together, and found a house down in the central cove that cuts into the heart of the island.  While there, we found this fellow, asleep on his feet — he was Away From Keyboard, you see.  I can’t remember which it was, Sophia or Leena, who suggested we take a few pictures of us surrounding him for giggles.  We even sent him a copy to show him what he missed out on.

Poor guy; you shall remain nameless and forever in our virtual hearts, but you’ll never know what glory you were surrounded by this day….

(L-R:  Lady Leena Fandango, Harper Ganesvoort, a [mercifully] unnamed avatar, and Sophia Trefusis.)


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My photograph on the Second Life homepage

From the photograph on my blog, one of my photos made it onto the Second Life® homepage in November, 2015.  I was incredibly stunned and honored, and still am, that this happened.  The name of the sim is Rocca Sorrentina.  It's been my home for several years now and it's an absolutely beautiful build. Rocca Sorrentina … Continue reading My photograph on the Second Life homepage

Joining Second Life

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was curious about online gaming and broadening her horizons.  How's that for random?  Actually, hearing about Second Life for me was genuinely random.  I stumbled across an old television interview with a long time resident of Second Life.  My incredibly old computer at the time wouldn't … Continue reading Joining Second Life